Market Details

The process to be approved to shop at the market is simple.

1. Fill out the information card and read all about the market.

2. Our client specialist will review your information card and place you in the most appropriate tier per our qualification stat sheet.

3. When you arrive to shop for the first time, we will have you sign your application and show proof of people in your home. It is just that simple. Proof to show could be an ID for the adults and a report card, medical card, DHHR letter, Social Security or WIC info or any other government issued paperwork.


All food is a monthly allowance. You can shop weekly if you wish until all of your allowance is gone.

A new cycle always starts on the 1st of every month. If you do not use all your available food allowance, you will lose it.

It is strongly suggested that you bring your own bags.

All paperwork must be kept up to date and reviewed annually.

The amount of food monthly will depend on family size, need and what is available. People of Worth Market reserves the right to personalize food packages.  

People of Worth Market offers to our "customers" a "Hand Up" opportunity.  A customer must actively attend a “Hand Up” session once a quarter (every three months) to receive the maximum food allowance. (a weeks' worth of groceries per class)

All “Hand Up” sessions will be offered at our office at 500 W. King Street Martinsburg WV 25401 for no longer than an hour at varying times.  There will be a morning, afternoon, evening, and Saturday session available to choose from.

You may attend a class from our sister organizations to qualify for a free week of groceries (please ask for details).

Children are welcomed to come with you.

All sessions will be regarding but not limited to the topics of:

Healthy eating                                   Meal Planning

Budgeting                                           Recipe ides

knitting and crotchet                 being an advocate for your child

Mental health                               Just to name a few

People of Worth is a 501© (3) not for profit, volunteer driven operation.

We survive by the kindness of personal citizens, churches, businesses, and grants.

We accept all donations and appreciate anyone willing to volunteer.



1. Always remember People of Worth gives a Hand up NOT a Handout. We are not your typical food bank.

2. You mut be honest and truthful on all information requests. Anyone breaking this rule will be banned from shopping with us.

3. You must treat everyone around or in the store with respect.

4. There will be no cursing, arguing, debating, negative vibes, harassment, threats, aggression, or harmful mentality to any person on or around the store.

5. You may only shop for yourself. (AGAIN, everyone is approved, no need to lie about your household.)

6. You are only allowed your monthly allowable food; no extras may be taken.

7.    All food accounts are cleared monthly. (If you do not use all your food allowance within a month you will lose it.)

8. No animals allowed

9. All children must always stay at your side. (We ask if you can leave children home that would be best as our Market is small.

10.Be kind, friendly and appreciative to all staff. (No one is paid, all are volunteers trying to make your life a little easier.)

11. Any disagreements regarding anything will be in writing and reviewed by the board at our next board meeting and responded to in writing.

12.People of Worth Market may choose who will be served, how much the person receives, how and when any obligations are fulfilled. We reserve our right to not serve you.

13.If suspected or caught stealing shopping privileges will be permanently discontinued and charges may be pressed. (We are here to help as many people as we can.

The Clothing Shop

 Our clothing store is open to all who desire to shop. We offer men, women, children clothing and coats, shoes, housewares, and linens as well..

There is no limit to how often how much you are allowed to shop. We offer brand new and gently used items.